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Us. book of stories

50 true and brutally honest stories from experiencers of sexual assault.

270 pages
250mmx270mm Landscape book with debossed cover


About the Us. project book of stories: 


The Us project shares the portraits and stories of 50 men and women from New Zealand and Australia who have experienced sexual assault. When photographer Megan Bowers-Vette started this project she decided that for those who participated, there would be no anonymity. Show your face, say your name, be proud of who you are, speak your truth. Anonymity sends a signal that there is still something to be ashamed about. It is normal and understandable totally acceptable to feel guilt and shame about what has happened, but Megan wanted to connect with people who had worked through those feelings and were ready to show up and stand in their truth.

Megan spent 12 months photographing and interviewing experiencers and the full transcripts from all 50 participants in the Us. project have been bound together in a beautiful book designed by Heather Grace Mason. The book will be helpful to many in society who wish to understand the mind of a survivor. From experiencers who wish to find validity in how they have reacted to what they have been through, to those who seek to understand their loved ones and offer the right kind of support. The publication gives voice to an experience society doesn't want to acknowledge, and in doing so validates survivors, letting them know their voice is important. It provides a safe space for truth.

The Us. project was formed after she started thinking about how society reacts, supports or damages people who are survivors. The raw and sometimes brutally brave stories in this publication highlight what the world is like or those who have experienced abuse. It is an honest study of issues around the ever-changing mental health status survivors endure. It discusses issues such as self blame, and the presence of abuse's effect on love, relationships and the foundations of family.

Us. project has now collected the portraits and stories from New Zealanders and Australians who have shown considerable strength in their resolve to break the society induced mould of silence and shame.

The Us. book of stories provides a much deeper understanding of so many different aspects of the spectrum of sexual violation, how it affects people’s sense of self worth, their mental health and their relationships with others. How our justice and mental health systems help and hurt survivors. What survivors need in terms of support. For anyone looking for understanding about living with the experience of sexual assault the Us. project book of stories gives valuable insight.



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